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Embark on a 5-Day Herpetofauna Expedition in West Java!

Unleash your adventurous spirit with our immersive 5-day, 4-night trip exploring the rich herpetofauna of West Java! 🌿🐍 Discover over 50 species across diverse highland and lowland landscapes at more than 5 captivating sites.


IPB University

Nestled within its expansive 267-hectare campus, IPB University offers a captivating haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife enthusiasts alike. The university's forested areas are home to more than 50 notable herpetofauna species. Visitors can witness the common pit viper Trimeresurus albolabris, Ahaetulla prasina, Bronchocela jubata, and Chalcorana chalconota. Among the diverse array of bronzeback snakes are Dendrelaphis underwoodi, D. pictus, D. subocularis, and D. formosus, offering a glimpse into the intricacies of these fascinating reptiles.

For those intrigued by conservation efforts, a visit to the Herpetological Conservation Breeding Laboratory provides a closer look at initiatives dedicated to safeguarding endangered species, notably the bleeding toad (Leptophryne cruentata). As visitors traverse the lush landscapes, IPB University emerges as a sanctuary where the delicate balance of biodiversity unfolds, inviting exploration and fostering a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.




Accommodation for 4 nights

Our accommodations feature seated toilets, air conditioning, and clean beds for your comfort. Standard room arrangements include one room for two people, unless special requests are made in advance. We prioritize ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable stay throughout your journey.


Delicious meals to fuel your adventure

Indulge in delicious meals to fuel your adventure with three meals provided each day. We cater to your dietary preferences, ensuring a satisfying and customized culinary experience throughout your journey.



Two cars, each accommodating up to 8 people (excluding the driver and luggage), will be available for your convenience from pick-up at Soekarno Hatta Airport until your return. These vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned and undergo a condition check before the tour to ensure a safe and comfortable journey throughout your exploration.


Expert wildlife guide and friendly staff

Your expedition will be guided by a highly experienced wildlife expert adept at tracking wild animals, especially reptiles and amphibians. Fluent in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, our interpreter brings a wealth of knowledge about local wildlife and years of field experience. Our drivers, carefully screened and possessing valid licenses, are well-versed in navigating Indonesian roads, ensuring your safety and comfort. 

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