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Field Guide

Mengenal Ular Jabodetabek/Snakes of Jakarta and its Surroundings - Nathan Rusli

Experience the wild world of Jakarta's snakes with our field guide. Our guide covers the diverse snakes found in Jakarta and its surrounding areas, providing detailed information on the characteristics and behavior of each species. Perfect for ecotourists and nature enthusiasts, this book is your ultimate resource on the extraordinary snake species living in this region.

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Field Guide

A Photographic Guide to The Snakes of Java - Nathan Rusli

A Photographic Guide to The Snakes of Java covers the 89 species of snakes known to occur on the Indonesian island of Java. The descriptions are concise, accompanied by full-color photographs that clearly illustrate the key characteristics of each species.

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Field Guide

Ular di Sekitar Kita (Pulau Jawa) / Snakes Around Us (Java Island) - Nathan Rusli

This book serves as a practical guide for readers to understand and identify various commonly encountered snakes. Enhanced with color photos and illustrations, the book is designed for easy comprehension. The language used is simplified to cater to readers of all ages and backgrounds. Topics covered include basic snake biology, the vital role of snakes in the environment, common snake species found in Java Island, strategies to avoid snake bites, and first aid measures for venomous snake bites. With the information provided, readers can enhance their knowledge and awareness of snakes and take appropriate steps in interacting with them.

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Field Guide

107+ Ular Indonesia / 107+ Snakes of Indonesia - Riza Marlon

Explore the vast world of snakes with this expansive book, featuring an ideal size for easy handling. Inside, discover over 107 snake species showcased through more than 200 colorful photos. From venomous to non-venomous, this book covers a wide array of snakes in a popular yet informative scientific language. Test your knowledge with true or false facts about snakes and learn valuable tips on avoiding snake bites. Plus, gain essential insights into administering first aid for venomous snake bites. A must-have for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike, this book is essential for both enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors.

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